Here are just a few of the many, many birds we've seen right here in Wenatchee, in our own backyard!  How about you?  Let us know what you're seeing next time you're in the store.

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Black Capped Chickadee

Red Breasted Nuthatch

Evening Grosbeak

Black Headed Grosbeak

Bullock's Oriole

American Goldfinch

Western Tanager

House Finch

Purple Finch

Say's Phoebe

American Robin

Cedar Waxwing

Rufous Hummingbird

White Crowned Sparrow

Song Sparrow

House Sparrow

House Wren

Tree Swallow

Red Winged Blackbird

California Quail

Brewer's Blackbird

European Starling

Black Billed Magpie

Northern Flicker


Steller's Jay